[NBA News] Nebid said with a smile: thought that they would cut off 40 points

2016/10/6 9:30:44

In the just concluded a preseason NBA game, 76 people with a 92-89 win over the Celtics, Joel de embid made his debut in the NBA.

Nebid is the 2014 NBA overall pick, he missed two consecutive because of a foot injury last season, he has not played in the official NBA game.

"I feel like I've been shooting the first shot, all the chances are open, and they are more free." Nebid said.

To take the opponent en bide double embid De, smiled and said: "when they were in my first match at the beginning of the second quarter double double use to me, that is me up, I will go back and look at the video, learn from the next game, if such a thing happened again then, I'll be ready."

Nebid also talked about Dario - odd sand, which starts today played 18 minutes, 6 voted 4 to get 10 points and 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 blocks.

"I think he's playing pretty good." Said Nebid when it comes to Saric.

Nebid then said: "I feel a little nervous at the start of the race, I think I have difficulty in breathing, this is very difficult, once I hit the first ball, everything slows down, I began to see the game easier, I just feel I become myself again. I felt like I was on the offensive end, but I think I did very well on the defensive end."

"Really, I think I'll get 40 points in the 12 minutes that I've played." Nebid joked.

In addition, we called him to de jump shot, he needs more attacking the basket.

The whole game, we de played 13 minutes, two of 6 shots and scored 6 points 4 rebounds and 2 blocks.

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