[NBA News] Noelkatari Simmons: we can complement each other.

2016/9/30 9:40:41

According to CSNPhilly reporter Jessica Camerato reported that 76 people, naryn, Noel had the first and the Simmons play experience in today's training.

"I think it's a great two person team." Noel said.

Noel in 76 people with a lot of big man played last season, he is Okafor djalil in up front, but the two of them combined effect is not ideal.

"I think we are very complementary," Noel said about playing with Simmons said, "he is certainly a hard top defender."

Although Simmons has not yet played for 76 people in the official NBA game, but Noel has seen how Simmons will help to 76 people.

"He is playing the right way," Noel said, "when you big man to do this when, this will make the game a lot easier, because he is a forward type of player really is very comprehensive, which brings a lot of opportunities for him, so he can make a lot of the opportunity for his teammates."

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