[NBA News] Claude: I don't like Durant's decision, but I don't hate him.

2016/9/27 9:32:29

Celtic in Beijing early this morning held a new season in the media, the period striker Jie - Claude to accept the interview again talked about the team in the summer and Durant - Kevin meeting.

Early in July this year, Durant has just announced to join the warriors of the news, Claude said: "the trend of other NBA players, my friends are really tired of the league now, everyone wants to hold together, everyone wants to join the warriors or knights."

When the reporter asked again the media on this topic, Claude said: "I am a competitor, this is also the reason that I said these words, of course, I also have the responsibility, and they do put yourself in a target heart. The thing is, I don't hate Durant, I don't like the decision, but I don't hate him."

This summer, Claude participated in the Lvshan army and Durant meeting, he said the talks they showed Durant how the team beat the warriors and Cavaliers tactics and tips, but Durant ultimately did not choose to join the celtics.

"It's all about basketball. I'm just a competitor," said Claude. "I don't like him from a human point of view, but I really want to compete with him. I'm sure it will be fun, I'm a competitor, and I have a strong desire to compete every day."

But Claude also said that this is the first time in his career in the team to participate in the recruitment of free players activities, after which he will learn from the experience.

"This is the first time I was in that situation, it was a bit different for me to recruit a free agent. Now I know how it is in the process, so the next time I'll be more prepared, not like before that throw the helve after the hatchet." Claude said with a smile.

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