[FIFA News] Ancelotti said: Real Madrid are uncovering why Zidane Benitez failed success

2017/1/19 16:34:21

In 2014, Ancelotti led Real Madrid won the Champions League, two years after he was deputy Zidane also won the European cup. The day before the interview, Ancelotti and Benitez in their own experience as an example, unlock the secrets of success zidane.

An fat believes that the current Newcastle coach may be more experienced, but coach Real Madrid this club, this is not the key factor, not everyone can coach real madrid. I think the key to success is the relationship with the players, the knowledge and experience of football is second. Of course, Zidane (a former Real Madrid coach) no coaching top event experience, but as a player he played for a long time, he also served as a teaching assistant (my), also the two team coach at Real Madrid, he understand the ball, understand tactics, understand this club."

"The key is the ability to work with the players on the training ground, and when you train, you pass it on, allowing players to be happy. You need to have charisma, you need to respect, you need personality, these are Zidane, whether as a player or a leader or my assistant, he has proved this point."

"You see, a guy like Benitez, he may be more experienced and more knowledge about football, but he can't build the necessary relationships in a short time. Zidane has a natural advantage in this regard, most of the players he has taken, and even played the ball together." Such as fat said, Benitez had taken over a series of practices after the Real Madrid, so he lost control of the locker room, his tactics also because the team chiefs of resistance, but not fully implemented.

I cherish the experience and knowledge, but this is not the most important thing, the most important thing is to communicate, and the player can teach them, and they work together, but they respect you and listen to you, you can do that. You don't need every time to express personal speech, sometimes you don't even have to say anything, Zidane rarely speak, and I am sure he didn't speak now. The point is that when you talk, you have the ability to make people want to listen to what you are saying."

In addition to knowing how to live in harmony with the players, the manager believes that it is also necessary to give advice to the players at the right time, to help them improve. However, he admitted that after forming a lot of players, it is difficult to make a change, such as the beginning of the season, he arranged for Muller to play 433 of the right wing position is not very successful. The Italian coach AC said, during the period of Milan, he had some technical problems, try to make the Danish striker Thomason to make improvements, "always use the inside of the foot he shot when he shot is not bad, but the inside of the foot instep shot can not have the power, so I try to let him change, shoot more powerful. We do this a lot, but he doesn't make a lot of progress. So we finally gave up."

Of course, when it comes to C Luo, the Portuguese striker believes that the Portuguese striker is a professional model, he will arrange their own, and the victory is full of hunger and thirst, he never filled the stomach. Before I went to Real Madrid, people told me that he was, but you didn't realize how much he could do until after working with him every day. From recovery to diet, he does not let go of every detail to make sure that everything is best. This year and I play immeasurably, now professional players have a lot, but the C Luo and take it to another level."

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