[FIFA News] Real Madrid lost fans dissatisfied C Luo: sell him to the super team!

2017/1/19 16:33:28

Real Madrid to CELTA game, C Luo in the center position did not play well, the chance is not much, but the lack of shooting accuracy, ultimately failed to get help, Real Madrid have more than 1 to 2 lost the game. After the Spanish media on the evaluation of C Lo is very low, the fans also expressed dissatisfaction with the C luo.

In an interview with the media, a number of fans said C lo in the game performance is bad, did not show the level. Some fans said, if the super offer to come, let him go to the super football." According to previous Spanish "Aspen" reported that Portugal in Italy brokerage giant Sky TV interview revealed that a Chinese club was C Ronaldo out a transfer fee of 300 million euros, the golden ball is trying to introduce mr.. In addition to the huge transfer fee, the club is also the same as C Luo himself out of more than 100 million euros annual salary. But whether it is C or Real Madrid, have rejected the offer.

C Luo vowed to play for the club until the age of 41, but in the view of fans, this is not the reality, C Ronaldo may not always play in Real Madrid at the age of 36, let alone 41 years old. Super appetite has been growing, and now even dare to play C Ronaldo and Messi superstar idea. Some fans point out: "I think C's golden years have come to an end, there is no doubt that C is a great legend, but there is a game he can not win, it is against the time of the game. If the sale of C Luo in exchange for a huge transfer fee, the younger transformation of the lineup, but also a good strategy."

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