[FIFA News] Real Madrid offensive and defensive loss: fight Seville quasi Zidane consumption is too

2017/1/19 16:32:18

The king's cup 1/4 final 1 than 2 defeat at home court CELTA, this is a Real Madrid to unexpected results. Although after Real Madrid's 40 game unbeaten Jinshen just cracked, but the whole team morale is still unabated. And the road and CELTA in the field before the game has just exposed the generals, the Chilean striker Orellana and the club, and coach Berisso completely break, the team atmosphere seems to have signs of disorder. But the Real Madrid failed to seize the opportunity to win the opponent, suffered two defeats at the same time, also let the two get CELTA precious away goal, the promotion of the situation is not optimistic.

The game, despite the fact that Real Madrid dominate the scene, but did not really get the opportunity. As the starting center is C Ronaldo, while the other three striker is sidelined, it also became a Zidane after being questioned. In the 9 bit C Luo in the game is difficult to get effective support, but also the lack of depth of space, despite hitting the column, but the golden ball on the field more only left a figure of complaint. Fortieth minutes, C Luo was a defender Cabral in the box down, but once this season in the Madrid Derby left the controversial penalty referee officiating to bor varan, also provoked C Luo extremely dissatisfied. The area is difficult to bloom, Real Madrid can only rely on the long-range goal to keep the threat, but whether Cross or Milo could not help Casey, the team, but left back Marcello's foot shot for the team to tie the score.

The offensive end disadvantage, Real Madrid defence loophole frequent. Aspas is the first record of a ball club, scoring in the moment, the area inside and outside the Real Madrid only four back, several players in midfield completely failed to play a role in the rally. The second goal is to lose level, perhaps Marcello after scoring the passion for Real Madrid will celebrate all off guard, CELTA in the circle near easily steals break, defense captains helplessly watched the ball rolled into the goal.

After the game, Zidane for the team's play is also confused, this game is very strange feeling, especially in the opening stage, we did not play the effect of training. The team into the state is very slow, and now for Real Madrid, it is not a good time. I am responsible for the loss of the team, we need to find a solution in the next."

Prior to the 3 game, Real Madrid and Seville experienced a 3 round of war. From the first 3 to 0 victory over the second games to thrilling draw, and then to the third game suffered defeat this three game winner, there is no small impact for Real Madrid, Zidane did not deny that "impact on the team is defeated by Seville, after we did not get sufficient rest." Seventy-first minutes after Vasquez had just made a mistake led to Real Madrid second goals, Zidane Kovacic replaced him, so the media to wonder whether this is a punitive change, but Zidane said: "for Vasquez not because of mistakes, I just saw him a little tired, this is the second game he returned after the game."

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