[NBA News] Return 9 minutes frozen! G-sky depressed 3 shots of iron Zezheng?

2017/1/18 15:27:45

Today, the Houston rockets in back-to-back opener, Miami away heat, absent because of injury in 15 games Clint Capet pulled in firing back today. But he only played 9 minutes, 3 voted 0 loss, only 5 rebounds and 1 assists and 1 blocked shots. The Rockets lost to 103-109.

Against the Miami Heat, a list of rockets injury. Ryan Anderson is absent due to influenza, but the absence of the 15 Cappella comeback, he last played in 1 months ago. Although the Rockets during the 11 wins and 4 losses, but Capet stayed to fill the hidden inside.

Coach Mike - DAntoni said before the game, the appearance of the time will be less than 20 minutes of the game, in fact, only about 9 minutes of the time of the game, said that the game will be less than minutes. The continuation of the recent ups and downs, outside feel nothing, only to plunge into the heat under the basket trap. Anderson misses, No. four could not be opened space, lack of ability to project, to tackle insider adversely affected.

In the face of Hassan Whiteside, long war Cappella also appeared to be inadequate. Although he also had snatched the rebound from the season rebounding hands, and the other hit staggering performance, but most of the time, Whiteside was leaning against him, frequently under the basket. How much is the German commander holding him, because he not on the Whiteside limit.

Of course, Cappella would come back, can not blame too much. The recent rocket injuries, the James harden and Eric Gordon were also wounded, Cappella can be described as timely return.

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