[NBA News] Career twenty-second times the double! Kobe super peak who is stronger than the two?

2017/1/18 15:26:12

In today's Houston rockets away baoleng lost to Miami 103-109 in the heat of the game, James harden had 40 points and 12 rebounds and 10 assists for the first time this season, losing in the play score 30+ three double game.

Harden want to brush three pairs, find Monte Raiser Harel: right. 12 seconds before the whistle, Goran de Rakic three unsuccessful, harden grab rebounds, the ball past half, suddenly came to cut Harel, the latter layup.

This is Harden tenth assists this season, the thirteenth season, career regular season, the pair of the twenty-second double the success of this, the success of the more than Kobe Bryant (the 21).

In addition, this is the fifth time this season, Harden scored a 30+ score of three pairs, career for the ninth time. The play is still losing the data, which is the first time in his season, career is second, the last time in January 21, 2016 on the piston.

7 seconds before the whistle, harden soared in 3 minutes, 40 points in this field frame. This is the fourth time this season he scored the 40+'s double, Russell - Westbrook (the 3), ranking first in the league.

But unfortunately, the performance is still not in exchange for victory.

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